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Canadian artist C. Paige Bozarth brings her passion for art & nature together through her vibrant abstract color studies, vivid landscapes & realist wildlife paintings. Each painting is a direct reflection of her interpretations & experiences of the natural world & the inspiration found within it.

Her paintings help establish a sense of place, a desirable feeling amidst the clutter and confusion of today's society. The subjects of her paintings vary dramatically; a tribute to the diversity of experience that is essential to life.


She holds a formal degree in Environmental Science - Conservation Biology & Management from the University of Alberta, and is an avid supporter of environmental protections and ecological integrity. As such, her paintings are a vehicle to raise awareness & education about the inherent beauty of the natural world & the current state of upheaval that exists within in it. 


Her works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. She has showcased her work throughout much of Alberta, including the Citadel Theater, the Jubilee Auditorium, Bankers Hall, as well as the National Arts Center in Ottawa, and through numerous community based projects, fundraisers and exhibits.

Artist Cheryl Paige Bozarth

Ecology Art & Education

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