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The four!

As a mom to four children; who all joined in on this journey within a span of 6 years, I pretty much had to put my life as a professional painter/artist on hold for the last few years. There were bit parts here & there, but I could never fully commit to my craft. So down came the web page, the promotions, the galleries; all of it: full stop! I chose to focus on raising our family. Shortly after having our fourth child, I finally gave in & released the weight of trying to play 2 roles at the same time. Which felt amazing to let go of. I'm only saying this because when I was in full painting mode, I felt like my studio was all encompassing, & creating art shouldn't feel like a chore (unless you are drawing hair...that is tedious stuff)!

I soon realized however, that like anyone who is drawn towards the creative arts, I could never really escape the need to be creative. So it came out in other forms: like paintings & crafts with the kids, baking & birthday cakes, cooking & gardening, holiday decorating, halloween costumes, etc... etc. Just turning everyday experiences into creative exploration, all while watching our kids grow & blossom. That's when I realized that the skill of painting (or whatever your creative outlet may be) isn't just about applying acrylic to a canvas with a brush, it's about living life with purposeful intent that enriches your experiences. Seeing beauty in everyday moments & things. This is painting. So now as I re-enter the studio & try to balance life with slightly older children, I will continue to keep this in mind. Painting is both a privilege and a joy which I now share with four studio creatures, and yes... even when we are not in the studio!

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